Astrology and Horoscope – An Introduction

Astrology and Horoscope – An Introduction

Just bringing up astrology is enough to create unexpected reactions from society overall, thanks to modern advancements in both rationality and science. Many people actually have an idea in mind that an astrologer is nothing more than a hippy, a kooky psychic, some kind of a witch, or even a fraud. But there are also many powerful emperors and kinds who have used the secrets of astrology for their own benefit throughout history.

In fact, even today world-famous people, popular businessmen and women, and financiers from around the globe take advantage of astrology to help them make important decisions within their lives. So what is this ancient science all about, and can it really benefit you somehow? Keep reading to learn the answer to these questions and many more:

It’s important to first understand common myths that are passed on about astrology.

Is Astrology Magic?

The simple truth is that astrology is not magic. Astrology is actually based on literally thousands of years of in-depth research, and it continues to evolve as science and other research methods improve. Astrology is thought to lead to a better understanding of our world’s energy and how that energy affects terrestrial life.

Is Astrology a New Age Fad?

You have probably seen your fair share of gypsies and palm readers offering their services in the darkness of a hotel or restaurant, or out on the street. Most of the time, these tarot readers and fortune tellers are typically nothing more than your every day charlatans. While some of them do have good intentions, they really don’t have a full understanding of their limited capabilities. The bottom line is that most astrologer type individuals out there are simply trying to sell you snake oil.

Those who practice real astrology are very respected and don’t try to sell gimmicks or exaggerate their claims. They don’t need to because their capabilities speak for themselves. Sure, you can buy essential oils and other naturally made products such as crystals but you won’t find a legitimate seller in some new age shop somewhere. You might be surprised to know that many astrologers are also lawyers, dentists, and teachers. Astrology is just one small aspect of their lives.

Is Astrology Superstitious?

The reason so many people question the validity of astrology, especially in terms of science, is because traditionally symbols have been used to communicate the understanding of one’s position of stars and their impact on terrestrial life. To this day, astrologers use symbolism to communicate their understandings because science has not yet quite caught up with the wonders of astrology. Astrology is just beginning to be studied in a way that allows us to understand things such as mass coronal ejections and their impact on Earth as a whole.

Is Astrology Easy?

The actual principles of practicing astrology are pretty easy to understand. But when it comes down to it, there are more than two dozen different relationships that have to be studied and taken into consideration in order to completely encompass the practice of astrology. Because of this, if you want to get the most accurate results possible you’ll find that the process is a complex one that often leads to some difficulty.

The reason kings, politicians, and financiers all around the world who were mentioned earlier are able to use astrology to their benefit, is because they can afford the money it takes to pay a skilled astrologer for their services on a regular basis. Say for example a prominent business person staying in India wants to come up with a good date and time for a company merger.

He or she will hire an astrologer who spends anywhere from a few days to several weeks selecting the most ideal time for the business person. Because everything from the planets and stars to the celestial bodies and their positions need to be considered, good astrology can take quite some time and effort.

Will Astrology Solve Your Problems?

There are many people who end up turning to astrology when they want to solve a particular problem within their lives, or when they need an escape from their hardships in one way or another. Whether it’s due to losing a job or loved one, or it just has to do with depression. For some reason people feel that astrology can help to take some of the mystery surrounding their pain away, and help them to make hard choices along the way.

Sadly, astrology just doesn’t work this way. But astrology can help people gather important information about a specific situation, which is especially helpful if there are any unseen forces at work. Astrology is a tool that can be both used and misused. Astrology’s most effective use is to help people make more informed decisions within their own situations.

Is All Astrology the Same?

While you will find some of the same core practices being used by all astrologers out there, many branches of astrology actually exist. For example, two of the most common types of practice are electional astrology and sun sign astrology. Geomancy is another popular type of astrology practiced around the world.

Those who want to learn more about their own personality and psychology and the natural force energies that are working within their lives will want to focus on birth astrology. Those who are more into getting some guidance in a certain situation (“is getting married right for me?”) then horary astrology is a good way to go.

Finding Your Own Reliable Astrologer

In today’s world astrology is something that tends to have an accumulative and effective value on a person’s life. Many people use astrology for their own personal reasons, of which are just as varied as each person is. Some people like to use astrology in an attempt to create greater wealth and to increase their business profits. Other people use astrology to improve their love lives or to make a big change in their lives. The reasons are virtually limitless.

Daily horoscopes which can be found on astrology websites and in the newspaper, are a common way astrology is used by the average person. Who doesn’t enjoy finding out whether or not they should play the lotto or make a job change? Two distinct types of astrology can be used in the instance of reading and providing horoscopes- Western astrology and Vedic astrology.

It can be interesting to see what both types of astrology have to offer when reading a daily horoscope. They may be similar, or they may be completely different. Finding out which style of astrology was more accurate in terms of a horoscope is part of the fun.

Working with a professional astrologer has many benefits, and the services received are typically ten times better than what you can get for free on the Internet or through books. Professional astrologers can provide more in-depth, accurate information to rely upon. However finding a good astrologer that is trustworthy for personal services is no easy task. The following tips can help anyone to find a great service provider.

The first thing to consider is the type of service that is needed. This will help to determine what kind of astrologer should be hired. It is also important to make sure that an astrologer has many years of experience before committing to pay for any services. It’s alright to ask for references and portfolios when looking for a new astrologer to work with.

Scheduling an initial sample reading is a great way to ensure that an astrologer can offer every service needed and in a satisfactory fashion before any long term relationships are created. It’s also a good idea to find an astrologer who is willing to state their fees for each service upfront so no surprises come up along the way.

Each astrologer uses their own specific methods and tools which may or mat not be similar to any past readings that you may have had. Bringing along any past readings and a birth chart will help to ensure that you and a potential astrologer are a good match before you come out of pocket.

Consider scheduling an initial appointment with at least three different astrologers before choosing which one is going to fit your needs the best. This can save quite a bit of time, energy, and disappointment when all is said and done.

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