Daily Horoscopes – How to Get the Most Out of Them

Daily Horoscopes – How to Get the Most Out of Them

Astrological signs have existed for hundreds of years, as they were designed to give people an easily digestible way to read and interpret the signs of the Zodiac. Having catchy symbols to follow and identify with allows people to remember their own personal information better and gives them a good tool to differentiate their information with other people. It also allows people to compare and contrast the behaviors of people that lie under different symbols.

Arguably the most easily recognized zodiac symbol is that of the Aquarius. It is always presented with figures, which resemble water. Sometimes people equate the waves on the Aquarius sign to aquariums instead of waves in the water, but either way, its look and symbolism make the Aquarius sign easy to remember.

Other signs that are also distinctive are Taurus and Aries. Taurus is well-known for two reasons: 1) it looks like a bull and 2) Taurus is the Latin word for bull. The Taurus symbol is a sphere with two bull-like horns. As for Aries, it is well-recognized for looking like a goat, and the Latin word of Aries means goat. Its symbol shows horns on a goat’s head.

There are two “twin” symbols in astrology – Gemini and Pisces. The twin element is why these two symbols are often confused for one another. The Pisces symbol is presented with two fish, while the Gemini goes away from the animal motif and is presented in an image most similar to the Roman numeral II.

Leo goes back to the Latin animal theme, as a Leo simply looks like a lion. The symbol for Leos is typically either a lion mane or a lion by itself.

Virgo and Scorpio have quite a few similarities, as both symbols resemble the letter M. Even though the icons look like, there is a fundamental difference. In the Virgo symbol, the tail points inward and does not have an arrow in its tip, while the Scorpio (or scorpion) symbol has an outward pointing tail with an arrow tip.

Cancer and Sagittarius are related by their differences, as Cancer is a very feminine-looking symbol, while the Sagittarius has a masculine look to it. The Cancer is two interlocking circles, while the Sagittarius is depicted by an arrow that points up and to the right. These symbols are sometimes used to identify male and female bathrooms at bars and clubs.

Capricorn might have the most unusual symbol of the horoscopes, as it kind of looks like a goatfish. However, this unusual design makes it distinctive. The Capricorn also can look like the letters VS.

Finally, we get to the last symbol, the Libra. The Libra symbol looks like the “scales of justice” images that are sometimes seen in courthouses. Because of this, Libras are often seen as balanced individuals.

These symbols have been the standard to the astrological calendar for a while due to their easily identifiable nature and the general familiarity the public has with them. Expect to see these symbols continue to live on for generations to come.

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