The Month of Pisces – A Month of Peace?

The Month of Pisces – A Month of Peace?

The astrology forecast tells us that we should expect planetary skies from February 18th to March 20th.

A Meditation For Pisces

Here is a quote from John Jocelyn who has a history of using astrological symbolism to find signs in the Bible’s New Testament.

“There is no sign more elusive to try to describe than Pisces, the Fishes, for this section of the Zodiac is a mobile as the astral world. On the physical plane, the oceans are its counterpart, the seas that toss and surge in sounding, raging fury, yet, the same waters may sometimes reveal the placid power of the sweetest peace in idyllic, silvery calm, and the lovely lull and lakelike beauty that make cognizable the tune, temp, and harmony of the spiritual worlds, call up a vision of the divine truth, a touch with the transcendental, a union with the one life to love through the Word of the world, sounding as tranquil tone.”

Jocelyn goes on to say that the “The Great Deep or Depth” is the sign of spirituality. This is the gift of peace sprung from an evolved Piscean’s life. It is the key to him radiating worldly power.

On February 18th, the Sun will enter Pisces.

On this day, light will shine on you. You will gain power for peace.

The last sign in our Zodiac Wheel will visit us before we gain our highest spiritual understanding through a renewal brought on by the arrival of Spring. Neptune is influencing Pisces during this time. That is why we can feel the great pains of the world. We will experience a collective sense of sympathy and empathy to everyone. Pains and peace have a positive correlation. This means that the greatest pain we experience during this time will result in a greater peace. Our peace will consist of journey to discover the power of healing and envisioning the truth.

Pisces can bring the darkest days, but there will be a new light at the end. If you choose to try to forgo the experience of pain, you will destroy the powers of your intuition. Intuition is an innate quality that is granted by Pisces. It is very pure. When you listen to your intuition, the power of soul and truth will open you up. Now, you can utilize your intuition more effectively. If you spend some quality time with Pisces this month, you will not regret it. It will be time well spent.

On February 28, Mercury goes directly into Aquarius. When this happens, your life will return to normal. All the pain is over.

On March 17, Pisces enters to bring your communications receptivity.

Our Messenger will turn itself around at 18 degrees Aquarius. He will also move through the shadow passage until March 20. Mercury will go into retrograde during this time. As a result, we have the usual mix of changes in schedule, reconsiderations and changes in routines. Aquarius helps us return to more forward living, because our communication abilities allow us to see clearer than we did before now. We can see how to maneuver. You will orbited by the air of unpredictability. You might have to resort to bringing forth the proper innovation.
You will journey through Pisces from March 17th to April 7th. There will no longer be a collective mentality. Instead, our mentality will shift to more receptivity, volubility, diplomacy and ultra-sensitive perceptions. Do not let feelings overcome your mind. It can lead to confusion. It is best that you rely on the organization you learned when Aquarius visited. This will help us to remember how to stabilize our thoughts when confusion intrudes.

On March 01, it is Mars turn to be in Retrograde in Libra.

This is a period of time when you will reassess and review your desires and motivations.

You are already prepared by your Pioneer planet to undergo a reassessment in Libra. This happened on Decemeber 26, 2013. This is the third retrograde activity for this year. It is less intense than the other two retrogrades, because Venus and Mercury’s retrogrades are control by the Mars Rx Approach that started in December. In this review, you will be moving from co-dependence to independence. If you have any unhealthy dependent attachments, they will be severed at this time. It is time to practice some free-will.

Mars promotes action, motivation, drive, desire and a potent energy that will always offer up stimulation to our lives. You will be under this retrograde within Libra until May 19th, 2014. You will have to assess your life to recognize what needs will be compromised during this time. It is recommended that you take an easier pace to listening to the spirits surrounding you. This will help you see both sides of the issues. It is also a moment of reflection.

This helps you find out what you have been tolerating in your co-dependent state. If you reflect, you will begin to unfold your potential that is overlooked, because you were moving too fast. When cycles of Mars are present, you need to have a patient pace to tame the natural aggression of Mars.

On March 02, Saturn goes Retrograde in Scorpio

During this time, your responsibilities will find reflection.

Our Karmic Adjustor will engage in a reflective pass until July 20th. This is its second turn within the Eagle to return to 16 degrees Scorpio. Saturn encourages you to do a long term review and redo a period where your mindfulness needed patience and a slower process. You might have overlooked areas of your life. Our self-reliance to listen to this call brings us the rewards that are necessary to adhere to our responsibilities that are affected by Scorpio. When we ignore the truth by not living up to it, we see appropriate lessons come around to help us understand why we need to partake in more practical means to move foward. This also makes us accountable.

On March 05, Venus enters Aquarius.

You will finally have harmony and understanding become innovative.

Venus has been in the Goat since November. It’s been a long winter for her. She’s also been in the Retrograde from December 21st to January 31st. She is happy that she is able to move into the Water Bearer. She is ready to be a social butterfly and seek some intellectual companionship. Her cycle will help us understand her journey and how she will get experimental in Aquarius. Venus will provide you balance from any of the changes that may have occured when Mars was in Retrograde. This balance will last until April 5th.

On March 06, Jupiter will go directly into Cancer

Your luck and wisdom will flow freely.

Your cancer area will help you find lessons to learn from. It has been under the retrograde passage since November. Jupiter will not go back into retrograde again until 2025. So enjoy this period of time. You should reflect about events in your life that happened around 2001-2002. This was the last time Jupiter came for a visit. Jupiter helps gives us a depth of learning that helps us truly grow within ourselves. You might see a stroke of luck or good fortune during this time. Also, any actions you perform during this time will set up a foundation to the next phase of your life.

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