Your Astrology Horoscope for February 2014

Your Astrology Horoscope for February 2014

February brings the first signs of spring. February is a transitional month. The Winter season begins to recede, and we become warm and fuzzy, because of our romantic thoughts and spiritual sides of life. This February, our desires for romance may be enhanced by the planets. The planets can also mislead us when it comes to romance.

There are two big events in February. Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month while Jupiter and Uranus have a stand-off. This encourages fanatics and incredible ideas. February has it all. It has its sublime moments and its ridiculous moments. It’s a show worth enjoying. Use this astrology forecast to help you navigate such a wonderful but short month.

Here is your general astrology forecast for February.

February starts on a weekend, and the first weekend will be harmonious. All the planets are calm while the groundhog looks for its shadow. The Moon’s phase will be empathic Pisces. The Moon can deceive the groundhog to believing it has a shadow. So watch out.

On February 3rd, it will be okay for us to start a new project. The Aries Moon will be shining above. Life will calm down on the evening of February 4th. This is just in time for the Mercury’s retrograde station on February 6th. Be careful. February 5th-7th is filled with misunderstandings, delays, confusion, and technical problems.

Gemini will get a visit from the Moon on February 7th. This astrology forecast predicts this will cause us to not know which way to go. Mercury rules Gemini. So with the Moon present, the weekend may become a little backwards. If you are creative, this weekend is for you. Mercury is close to Neptune, and this will help get your creative juices flowing. The weekend also offers the positive side of the Mercury retrograde. You should catch up with old friends and loved ones. The Moon will be voided on February 9th. It is time for quiet contemplation.

The week of February 10th will tap into our energy reserves. Emotional cancer will influence the Moon. Therefore, we will experience a few woes until February 11th. On February 12th, the Moon leaves Cancer for Leo, and Mercury goes back to Aquarius. In other words, this is the bright side of the week. Our moods and spirits will shift to romantic endeavors. For Valentine’s Day, the Sun and Mars will give us a boost of steamy energy so we can participate in the sexy side of love.

Valentine’s Day will kick off our weekend with the Leo full Moon. It is time for fun and romance. If you are not interested in romance, February 14th offers you a chance to meet new people and finish up a project. On February 15th, Mercury will cross the Sun under the light of the Virgo Moon. Your minds will be sharpened, and you can focus on the details of any project. This focus will last you until February 16th.

The astrology forecast moves to the third week of the month. February 17th, President’s Day, will see us under a void of course Moon. In the morning, you will not be in a talking mood. A balance Libra makes way for the Moon. Now we are ready to join in the conversations at work. On February 18th, the Sun will visit intuitive Pisces. Our world will be tilted a little with arguments between Mercury and Saturn. Have no fear, balance is restored on February 19th. Any problems caused on February 18th will be resolved by the weekend.

The last weekend in February will be stable, because the moon is in its 4th quarter. On February 23rd, the Sun will cross in front of Neptune. This will help spark our imaginations and awaken our spiritual connections. If you are in the mood to travel, this weekend is the perfect time to do so. The Sagittarius Moon is front and center this weekend.

The last week of February brings out our rebellious and risk taking side. The astrology forecast predicts that on February 24th, we will have an underlying urge to make some changes and take risk throughout the week. This is caused by Jupiter poking at Uranus. On Monday, you will finally have your time to impress the boss, because Venus will help you along by whispering in Saturn’s ear. On February 25th and 26th, you might become plagued by harebrained ideas that are probable. These days represent the climax of Jupiter and Uranus’s confrontation.

Do not act on any of these ideas. Write them down and save them for later. You should review these ideas when March arrives. Thursday and Friday are the last two days of the month. They are not the best last days. You might encounter miscommunications, internet problems, and travel delays. This happens, because Mercury is turning direct. Your confidence will get a boost thanks to the Sun and Jupiter. Therefore, if you do have any of these problems, you can handle them without any sweat.

The astrology forecast for March has very little “heavy” planetary action. However, the retrogrades will make another return. It is Mars and Saturns turn to being their retrogrades. During this month, you might not feel like giving the extra mile at work. For more on March astrology forecast, check back next month.

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